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Bright Parenting

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After selecting bite-sized lessons from our library you'll receive personalized daily tips to help you stay positive and in control, while keeping parenting skills top of mind! Subscribe to unlock all, but you'll get one less FREE!

Our evidence-based parenting techniques include scripts of exactly what to say to help you raise a happy, confident kid. The right advice for your unique kid is here in our easy-to-digest format, which means you can finally stop searching the internet and buying lengthy books to find answers.


• Bite-sized lessons help you understand your child’s development, encourage better behavior, and help you feel more confident as a parent. Get the knowledge of 100 parenting books in 2 minute lessons.

• Daily nudges keep the skills you’re learning top of mind and inspire you to easily create more positive parenting moments each day.

• Discover which lessons are most popular with other parents!

• Invite your partner so you’re both on the same page about what strategies work best for your child.

• Deep library of organized, engaging content allows you to save lessons for quick refreshes.


• BEHAVIORS: Anxiety, biting, disrespect, hitting, interrupting, listening, lying, picky eating, potty talk, sharing, sibling rivalry, tantrums, tattling and whining.

• GUIDES: Bedtime, dinner time, family gatherings, homework, mornings, potty training, school days, screen time and vacations

• STRENGTHS: Bravery, creativity, helpful, kindness and resilience.


• Want to enjoy parenting more and to be a more conscious parent, but have limited free time.

• Are moving out of the baby stage and want to understand their toddler and school-aged kids behavior and development.

• Are looking for solutions for “in the moment” problems, like tantrums, not listening, being fearful, and more.

• Want to feel more in sync with their partner by agreeing on the best strategies and steps for their child.


“Bright’s changing the way my wife and I parent!”

“The 5-minute lessons have made such an enormous difference.”

“It’s changed the way I’ve reacted to situations with my kids...for the better.”

“Bright is like having a third parent around. I really like the bedtime lesson.”

“It gets me out of my parenting ruts by reminding me of techniques I forget to use.”

“When my partner and I are both on the same page, I feel less frustration.”

“Anything that can help on the fly like this is a godsend to me.”
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